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Previously Brewed Beers

These are beers that I brewed and most likely will not brew again in the near future.  Currently these are all Mr. Beer recipes:

  • Classic American Blonde Ale: 
    My first brew.  This mix came with the Mr. Beer kit that my sister gave me for Christmas.  This beer has been the favorite of people who have tasted my beers, and I will use it as a base for future brews.  I probably will not brew this exact recipe again (see Future Brews).
  • 1776 Ale
    My second brew.  A hoppy amber beer with modest bitterness and alcohol volume of 6%.  Got better with age.
  • Maple Brown
    Intended this to be in honor of, not necessarily a clone of Tommyknocker's Maple Nut Brown Ale.  It was really disappointing at the beginning.  It was decent after a long time conditioning, but never as good as I intended. 
  • Northern Amber
    Got this Mr. Beer recipe for my birthday.  Dark Amber in color.  Well balanced with a hint of caramel. This was another one that aged very well in the fridge.
  • Nuggets Gold
    A hoppy golden beer made wit the Mr. Beer combination Cowboy Golden Lager w/Pale Export.  Probably ranks somewhere in the middle as far as my favorites.
  • Vanilla Porter
    Inspired by Breckenridge Brewery's Vanilla Porter.  Used Mr. Beer's Black Tower Porter with some vanilla extract.  Was a nice porter, but not much vanilla.  I think if I ever make this again I will use real vanilla beans and probably come up with my own porter recipe.  Might just add real vanilla beans to my X-Mas Ale to get my vanilla beer fix.
  • Gringo Cervesa
    My first Cinco De Mayo beer.  I thought it turned out a very good pale ale.  I might actually recycle this name, but if I do I think the beer will be quite different.
  • Rocktoberfest Ale
    Seasonal beer to drink during the baseball playoffs ... hopefully while the Rockies are going to another world series.  The first one was a dark, balanced, almost sweet brew with a decent ABV.  It was sort of a dunkle munich style ale.  Replaced this with a lager

  • Monkish Wit
    One of the beer mixes I got from Christmas gift certificates was Mr. Beer's Witty Monk Witbier premium refill. I made it ... with a couple of minor changes. Turned out pretty good.

  • Brother Bear Dopplebock
    Nice dark malty Dopplebock

  • Fools' Gold Ale
    I really like Boulder Beer Company's Buffalo Gold and so I designed a beer based on information I got at the company's website. Good beer, but so far it has not been close to Buffalo Gold.

  • Dragon Spit Brown Ale
    Started as a Mr. Beer recipe. Working on making it non-Mr. Beer. Hoping it will end up like an extra hoppy Moose Drool.


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