SheppyBrew website for SheppyBrew Nano-Brewery.en-usTue, 10 Jun 2003 04:00:00 GMT, 10 Jun 2003 09:41:01 GMT Brew MasterSheppyComment: clear beer now. Crystal hops have faded a bit. Perhaps some more rye flavor. Keg won't last through the weekend. 1/13/2021 7:38:07 PM3113#/recipes/recipe.aspx?id=184#comments and gorgeous. Won't last too much longer. 1/13/2021 7:35:11 PM3112#/recipes/recipe.aspx?id=160#comments beer. Beautiful black color. Carbonation pretty good, but not perfect yet. 1/13/2021 7:33:52 PM3111#/recipes/recipe.aspx?id=89#comments Bock nice little bock recipe that I hope to enjoy during Lent.1/11/2021 3:00:54 PM153#/recipes/recipe.aspx?id=153-01/11/2021 Lager missed brewing a Oktoberfest beer in September / October. This is a Decemberfest lager.1/10/2021 1:05:29 PM185#/recipes/recipe.aspx?id=185-01/10/2021 Vortex Winter Saison recipe with enough Midnight Wheat Malt to make the beer dark brown to black.1/10/2021 12:56:26 PM89#/recipes/recipe.aspx?id=89-01/10/2021 Measured FG at 1.002, which is right at the tilt measurement. Flavor exactly what the black saison should be. Chilling on my back patio. 1/9/2021 1:03:24 PM3110#/recipes/recipe.aspx?id=89#comments blew last night. Was great while it lasted. 1/9/2021 1:49:41 AM3109#/recipes/recipe.aspx?id=181#comments drinking. Ditto previous comment ??1/8/2021 3:26:53 PM3108#/recipes/recipe.aspx?id=181#comments really much bubbling, and there doesn't appear to be much yeast in suspension, but still lots of kraussen. 1/8/2021 2:14:03 PM3107#/recipes/recipe.aspx?id=30#comments says 1.003 at 67 degrees. Not much bubbling. Ready to keg? Maybe. Don't have an empty one yet but maybe soon.1/7/2021 8:05:25 PM3106#/recipes/recipe.aspx?id=89#comments says 1.006 at 68 degrees. Still bubbling. I expect I'll get another 2 to 3 points of attenuation. 1/5/2021 1:21:54 PM3105#/recipes/recipe.aspx?id=89#comments fermentation. Nice healthy krausen. Beer looks less black than I would expect from a "Stout". We'll have to see how the color ends up.1/4/2021 2:03:27 PM3104#/recipes/recipe.aspx?id=30#comments says 1.011 at 70. Still bubbling away. 1/4/2021 1:52:13 PM3102#/recipes/recipe.aspx?id=89#comments drinking this a bunch. Beautiful golden lager. Nice clarity. Carbonation right there. Really delicious. Easily consumed by the liter.1/3/2021 6:50:56 PM3101#/recipes/recipe.aspx?id=185#comments American Stout and roasty with coffee and chocolate notes and a fair amount of citrusy hops. A stout-lover's treat. Developed to share with the good people at FHS.1/3/2021 6:49:16 PM30#/recipes/fhs.aspx-01/03/2021 day went ok. There were issues. All good, though. OG right on plan. Fermentation going early evening. 1/3/2021 6:48:50 PM3100#/recipes/recipe.aspx?id=30#comments says 1.030 at 71. Still going strong. 1/3/2021 8:03:55 AM3099#/recipes/recipe.aspx?id=89#comments clear. Nice hoppy flavor. This beer wont last much longer. 1/2/2021 5:39:26 PM3098#/recipes/recipe.aspx?id=181#comments Super crystal clear now. And even better tasting than I remember it last time I had it. 1/2/2021 5:12:03 PM3097#/recipes/recipe.aspx?id=160#comments hard. Tilt says 1.049 at 71. 1/2/2021 7:45:57 AM3096#/recipes/recipe.aspx?id=89#comments ready to drink. The Beer Model declared it "yummers". Nice malty lager. Really like the Vienna malt flavor. 1/1/2021 5:22:28 PM3095#/recipes/recipe.aspx?id=185#comments day went well. Starting the mash last night didn't really buy me much time today. OG a bit high at 1.055. Got transferred to fermentor at about 80, then went for family hike. Got back and pitched. 1/1/2021 3:29:45 PM3094#/recipes/recipe.aspx?id=89#comments at 6:30 using pump to help bring up to mash out. Collected 2 cups for a vitality starter. 1/1/2021 6:49:26 AM3093#/recipes/recipe.aspx?id=89#comments mash a little before midnight. Going to bed now. 1/1/2021 12:04:15 AM3092#/recipes/recipe.aspx?id=89#comments getting pretty good. Color gorgeous gold. Delicious beer. Just needs more carbonation. 12/31/2020 9:26:14 PM3091#/recipes/recipe.aspx?id=185#comments keg blew on new years Eve. Yummy while it lasted. 12/31/2020 9:24:32 PM3090#/recipes/recipe.aspx?id=182#comments ingredients today. Might brew this weekend, or it might be the following weekend. We'll see.12/31/2020 1:50:55 PM3089#/recipes/recipe.aspx?id=30#comments the ingredients today. The Brew Hut didn't have WY3741 and so we are substituting WLP590 this time. 12/31/2020 1:41:35 PM3088#/recipes/recipe.aspx?id=89#comments Monkey Baby Just a simple low alcohol, but tasty beer.12/29/2020 4:50:50 PM184#/recipes/recipe.aspx?id=184-12/29/2020 Gartenzwerg Pilsner gnome German Pilsner. 12/29/2020 4:18:23 PM160#/recipes/recipe.aspx?id=160-12/29/2020 gelatin to the keg. Hit with more CO2 12/29/2020 11:12:33 AM3087#/recipes/recipe.aspx?id=185#comments this recipe ready for the Anvil Foundry.12/27/2020 7:11:29 AM3086#/recipes/recipe.aspx?id=89#comments FG 1.010. Nice golden color. Pretty simple lager profile. None of the heavy caramel or Munich flavors of a marzen Just a touch of Hallertau hops in the finish. I think we're really going to enjoy this beer. 12/27/2020 6:29:55 AM3085#/recipes/recipe.aspx?id=185#comments on Christmas. 12/25/2020 3:04:40 PM3084#/recipes/recipe.aspx?id=182#comments the keg. Love this beer. Think I'll be tweaking this recipe throughout 2021. 12/25/2020 3:03:45 PM3083#/recipes/recipe.aspx?id=174#comments a little sample. Cloudy but nice flavor. 1.010 at 67. 12/23/2020 3:45:41 PM3082#/recipes/recipe.aspx?id=185#comments Great clarity. Good carbonation. Nice hoppy flavor. 12/22/2020 7:15:50 PM3081#/recipes/recipe.aspx?id=160#comments says 1.010 at 67. Not much bubbling. I think this is pretty much done fermenting. I don't have an empty keg, but I think I will soon. The plan is to keg the 26th. 12/22/2020 8:42:19 AM3080#/recipes/recipe.aspx?id=185#comments says 1.011 at 62. Unplugged pump. 12/20/2020 3:41:15 PM3079#/recipes/recipe.aspx?id=185#comments says 1.013 at 59. Turned up temp to 62. 12/19/2020 5:39:50 AM3078#/recipes/recipe.aspx?id=185#comments Nice clear golden beer. Nice and hoppy. Not too bitter. Better than Deviant Dales ??12/18/2020 4:47:25 PM3077#/recipes/recipe.aspx?id=181#comments 57. Still bubbling pretty good. 12/18/2020 8:14:33 AM3076#/recipes/recipe.aspx?id=185#comments starting to look good. Carbonation still not even close. What the heck is up with that? Going to hit it with spare co2 tank to see of that helps. 12/17/2020 3:55:34 PM3075#/recipes/recipe.aspx?id=160#comments says 1.022 at 55, which is the Anvil set point right now. I'll probably set to 56 before the end of the day. Tomorrow, I'll probably turn off temp control completely. 12/17/2020 8:46:52 AM3072#/recipes/recipe.aspx?id=185#comments awhile since I had any. Beer lines froze outside overnight and during cold days, so I moved to garage. Took a little sample. Peppermint to chocolate ratio perfect. Hoping to refrain from drinking until Christmas Eve. 12/16/2020 5:41:32 PM3071#/recipes/recipe.aspx?id=182#comments says 1.031 at 54. Moving the temp up to 54. Bubbling still pretty active.12/16/2020 8:25:00 AM3070#/recipes/recipe.aspx?id=185#comments on 20 psi for a few days. Less foamy than I would have thought considering that. 12/15/2020 12:41:06 PM3069#/recipes/recipe.aspx?id=160#comments says 1.042 at 52. Setting temp to 53. 12/15/2020 6:38:18 AM3068#/recipes/recipe.aspx?id=185#comments day went well yesterday. My OG was a little low, but that's ok. 1.052. This morning, the fermentation is going at 51 degrees. Set the Anvil temperature controller to 52.12/14/2020 7:21:44 AM3067#/recipes/recipe.aspx?id=185#comments from outside to kegerator. 12/13/2020 6:40:57 AM3066#/recipes/recipe.aspx?id=160#comments gelatin a couple hours after kegging. Still chilling outside. 12/12/2020 11:08:11 AM3065#/recipes/recipe.aspx?id=160#comments yeast starter out of trub I collected from Schreck Gartenzwerg Pilsner. Brew day tomorrow. Looks like it will be a cold one. 12/12/2020 8:54:22 AM3064#/recipes/recipe.aspx?id=185#comments 1.009 FG right on plan. Didn't taste it, but aroma very fruity. Chilling outside. Collected yeast for my next batch. 12/12/2020 8:44:12 AM3063#/recipes/recipe.aspx?id=160#comments real clear all of a sudden. Nice looking golden IPA. Yummy.12/11/2020 4:30:38 PM3062#/recipes/recipe.aspx?id=181#comments like where this beer is now. Could be a little clearer, but carbonation is about perfect. Great malt flavor. Like the crystal hops. Awesome beer to drink in quantity. 12/8/2020 5:13:09 PM3061#/recipes/recipe.aspx?id=184#comments a little flavor sample. Still very cloudy. Great hoppy flavor, though.12/8/2020 11:33:45 AM3060#/recipes/recipe.aspx?id=160#comments Autumn Ale the Lithuanian yeast in basically the base of Will-o-wisp.12/7/2020 9:31:10 AM180#/recipes/recipe.aspx?id=180-12/07/2020 kicked on 12/4.12/7/2020 9:30:10 AM3059#/recipes/recipe.aspx?id=180#comments the keg over the weekend. I think this is the fastest we've gone through the pumpkin spice beer.12/7/2020 9:28:34 AM3058#/recipes/recipe.aspx?id=95#comments not quite there yet, but I've been drinking a bunch of these while smoking spare ribs. 12/6/2020 3:07:10 PM3057#/recipes/recipe.aspx?id=184#comments at 58. Unplugging pump. 12/5/2020 7:55:21 AM3056#/recipes/recipe.aspx?id=160#comments 1.008 FG makes this a 4.2% ABV beer. Nice flavor. Simple easy to drink. A little hazy, but I'm sure it will clear up as it gets cold.12/4/2020 5:57:20 PM3055#/recipes/recipe.aspx?id=184#comments combination of chocolate and peppermint. Thin mint. 12/4/2020 5:52:00 PM3054#/recipes/recipe.aspx?id=182#comments and clarity perfect right now. Even the flavor is pretty good for a pumpkin spice beer. ??12/4/2020 4:53:37 PM3053#/recipes/recipe.aspx?id=95#comments is awesome. Perfect Mexican lager. I feel like I need this beer on tap 100% of the time. 12/4/2020 3:42:14 PM3052#/recipes/recipe.aspx?id=174#comments 1.009 at 56. Going to turn up the temp to 60 over the rest of the day. 12/4/2020 8:41:05 AM3051#/recipes/recipe.aspx?id=160#comments keeps getting more and more beautiful. Calendar says to keg today, but need to finish Lithuanian Autumn. 12/3/2020 10:53:57 AM3050#/recipes/recipe.aspx?id=184#comments says 1.013 at 53. Rising temp to 54. Schedule says I should start warm ferment tomorrow. We'll see. 12/3/2020 7:17:41 AM3049#/recipes/recipe.aspx?id=160#comments at 53 degrees. Bumping set point up to 54. 12/2/2020 7:32:26 AM3048#/recipes/recipe.aspx?id=160#comments says 1.042 at 51. Raised temp to 52. Bubbling strong still. 12/1/2020 6:54:32 AM3047#/recipes/recipe.aspx?id=160#comments says 1.048 at 52. Bubbling has started. Controller still set at 50. Hope to see gravity fall by end of day. 11/30/2020 6:45:17 AM3046#/recipes/recipe.aspx?id=160#comments a look at my photo of Deviant Dales, and the clarity looks the same. Color of this beer is more golden than the red of DD. I think just a couple of SRM would make these visually match exactly. Taking photo for website. 11/29/2020 12:28:09 PM3045#/recipes/recipe.aspx?id=181#comments day went well, but my starter never did anything. Have to head to lhbs for fermentis yeast. Also realized that I didn't get all there hips for this beer. OG right at 1.048. Preboil gravity was high and I diluted with .5 gallons water. 11/29/2020 9:10:54 AM3044#/recipes/recipe.aspx?id=160#comments about perfect. 11/28/2020 5:31:12 PM3043#/recipes/recipe.aspx?id=181#comments starter. 6 cups water with 1.5 cups dme. 11/28/2020 6:05:49 AM3042#/recipes/recipe.aspx?id=160#comments keep thinking this keg is going to kick. Nice ruby red color. Clear. Malty. Seems much richer than the 1.004 FG. Yummy beer. ??11/27/2020 5:32:03 PM3041#/recipes/recipe.aspx?id=180#comments think this is ready to keg whenever one comes free. Pale color. Decently clear. Nice aroma from air lock. 11/27/2020 5:25:25 PM3040#/recipes/recipe.aspx?id=184#comments up ingredients today. Brew day Sunday11/27/2020 3:21:39 PM3039#/recipes/recipe.aspx?id=160#comments to the beer fridge and added gelatin. Certainly has the bitterness of an old-school double ipa. I think flavor matches closely to how I remember Deviant Dales. 11/25/2020 1:36:33 PM3038#/recipes/recipe.aspx?id=181#comments last night. Added in other half of dry hops. Chilling on back patio for now. Still hazy. Color more golden than the reddish color I remember from Deviant Dale's. 11/25/2020 1:58:06 AM3037#/recipes/recipe.aspx?id=181#comments one for a picture. Clarity better. Carbonation is actually pretty good. I'm liking the peppermint a little better too. Nice beer.11/24/2020 3:25:24 PM3036#/recipes/recipe.aspx?id=182#comments in the Pancho Keg Cooler. Tried a pour. Doesn't need any more peppermint. Pretty cloudy right now. 11/22/2020 11:36:32 AM3035#/recipes/recipe.aspx?id=182#comments day went well. Preboil gravity was high, so I diluted with .5 gallon. OG right on at 1.040. Turns out hydra does fit... just real tight. Wort into fermentor was very full of trub. Yeast pitched around 9am. Cleanup done by 9:40. 11/22/2020 9:43:25 AM3034#/recipes/recipe.aspx?id=184#comments done. Tilt says 1.008. Samples clearing up some, but still hazy. Still really nice hop flavor. 11/22/2020 8:42:28 AM3033#/recipes/recipe.aspx?id=181#comments day today. Mash started around 5:20. Timer was set to begin around 4am. Probably should have started it sooner or left it inside for preheat. Oh well. It's going now. 11/22/2020 5:26:57 AM3032#/recipes/recipe.aspx?id=184#comments 1.014 FG puts this beer at 7% ABV. Didn't get a whole lot of peppermint or chocolate. Added the rest of the chocolate flavoring and most of the rest of the peppermint leaves.11/21/2020 4:49:50 AM3031#/recipes/recipe.aspx?id=182#comments for fun, I took a little sample out of the spigot. Very cloudy with trub, but extremely aromatic with the hops. Think I'm really going to like this beer once it settles. 11/20/2020 8:10:08 PM3030#/recipes/recipe.aspx?id=181#comments Delicious. Pretty sure this beer won't last long. The Beer Model likes it too. I had to chastise her for taking some of this instead of her pumpkin beer. 11/20/2020 6:05:35 PM3029#/recipes/recipe.aspx?id=174#comments ingredients at Tom's Brew Shop. 11/19/2020 5:02:42 PM3028#/recipes/recipe.aspx?id=184#comments and fairly fizzy at this point. Clarity is better, but not quite where I want it. I think it may clear up more over next few days. Great flavor. 11/18/2020 7:00:25 PM3027#/recipes/recipe.aspx?id=174#comments 1.5 oz of Columbus hops into fermentor in my hop sleeve. Not sure if I'll get "bio-transformation" at this point. I guess we'll see how hazy this comes out. I wasn't scheduled to keg this for another week, but I might get it done sooner.11/18/2020 11:12:30 AM3026#/recipes/recipe.aspx?id=181#comments says 1.010 at 74 degrees. Still bubbling, but much slower. I'll probably want to add dry hop charge today. 11/18/2020 8:38:18 AM3025#/recipes/recipe.aspx?id=181#comments says 1.038 at 75. Still bubbling strong. Another couple days for first dry hop charge. 11/17/2020 7:27:21 AM3024#/recipes/recipe.aspx?id=181#comments away in the morning. Tilts says 1.073 at 65 degrees. 11/16/2020 8:03:37 AM3023#/recipes/recipe.aspx?id=181#comments blew ?? Wonderful beer. Didn't last long. I was correct that it wouldn't last the weekend. 11/15/2020 6:30:16 PM3022#/recipes/recipe.aspx?id=97#comments geletin. 11/15/2020 10:58:00 AM3021#/recipes/recipe.aspx?id=174#comments day went well, but my mash efficiency wasn't where it should have been. Ended up adding 12oz of DME to get close to predicted OG. Temperature at the top of the mash was pretty low compared to at the Foundry sensor. I probably need the re-circulating pump. Anyway ... got 6 gallons in the fermentor at about 1.070 OG.11/15/2020 10:46:13 AM3020#/recipes/recipe.aspx?id=181#comments up ingredients yesterday in the morning. In the evening Filled the foundry with 8 gallons and set timer. Brew day today. 11/15/2020 12:43:03 AM3019#/recipes/recipe.aspx?id=181#comments Clearer than the spigot samples I took, but still will need to give it some gelatin. FG came out at 1.010. Filled 3/4 of a gallon jug in addition to the keg. I like the flavor. I think the hops come across better than my samples from the fermentor, but still not quite as much saaz hop flavor as I was hoping for. I think next time I make this, I'll add more hops. 11/14/2020 8:34:16 AM3018#/recipes/recipe.aspx?id=174#comments