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Beer Gifts

  From time to time I give SheppyBrew Beer for gifts.  Quite often I forget what I gave them.  So, starting with Lori E, I am going to keep track here.

Lori ( 01/07/2011 ):
I work with Lori.  She asked me to give her all my "girly" beers for her birthday.  I don't currently have a bunch.  Her husband told me he likes stouts, so I decided to include a  Tweedle Beetle Imperial Stout.
15 Year Anniversary Amber Ale
Not really that girlie, but a girl did help brew it and the beer model says she likes it.
Buckwheat's Belgium Pale Ale
The beer model's favorite beer.  I like it as well.
Wetta Blonde Ale
This is the girliest of what I have available for Lori to try.
Bluefield Chocolate Ale
It will be interesting to see what Lori thinks.
Phat & Tyred Amber Ale
Really just picked this on to fill out the 6 pack.
Tweedle Beetle Imperial Stout
Lori's husband told me he likes stouts.  I'm curious to find out if he would like an Imperial.
Lori liked the beers she tried.

Tim like the Imperial Stout.  Liked the flavor of the Bluefield, but got some floaties that he had to get around.

FHS (04/08/2011) :
Finally brought in Stouticus to share with the company.  There are 25 employees (other than me) and I was only willing to share 40 bottles, so I also brought in 10 WWW.
Whisky Wife Wit (10 bottles)
A few for those who might not like Stouts.
Stouticus American Stout (40 bottles)
It will be interesting to see who actually likes this beer.
Woody: "Outstouting" ... "Had my first Stouticus tonight. I couldn't wait. It was a really great beer. I think Eric has a future after software."

Kyle: "I just sampled my first bottle of Stouticus, and I must say, molto bene, Mr. Shepard. Excellent."

Had a long conversation with David B. Seems to prefer Guinness, but thinks it stacks up very favorably with other American Stouts he has had.  Seemed ok with WWW, thought it was close to Blue Moon, but not quite the same.

Travis said "I thought Stouticus was fantastic!".  He did grab another couple of bottles, so maybe he did actually like it.

Beth (in what seemed like a surprised voice to me) "That beer was fantastic" and "I don't usually like Stouts, but I thought those were both outstanding."

Jay really liked it as well.  Not a huge stout drinker but felt this was one he could drink and enjoy several of in one session.  He also seemed a bit surprised that he liked it as much as he did.

Dave H. said he enjoyed them.  Wondered if the beer was "real strong" (ABV).  I had to tell him he is just a wimp.

Paul:  "That beer was pretty good!"  (also seemed a bit surprised)

Tim: "Stouticus is AWESOME!!"

Kari: "Oh my gosh! I really liked it. It was great. And my husband liked it. He's a much better judge of beer than I am!"

Thankyou Stouticus (11/3/2011)
Stouticus American Stout Brewed 9/25 Bottled 10/16 ... Gave a 6-pack each to Dave B, Danika, and Woody as a thankyou for donating to the 2nd Wind Fund.
Gave 2 to Mike (donated bottles) and 2 to Travis (gave away 2 of his last batch to TU guys).

Thankyou Hoptoberfest (11/8/2011)
HopToberfest (sort of) Vienna Lager Brewed 10/9 Bottled 10/22 ... Gave a 6-pack each to Dave B, and Woody as a thankyou for donating to the 2nd Wind Fund.
NOTE: Woody gave some away to others.
Woody apparently gave a bottle to Adam. Adam said it was "pretty good".

Pastor Chad (11/20/2011)
Pastor Chad is the one who is the "team leader" for our church's involvement with 2nd wind fund. I decided to let him try the beers that I used to bribe my co-workers with.
A favorite of the people I work with. Hopefully not bad for a man-of-God.
Vienna Lager with more hops.
Chad said he did like the beer, but it was a little more "Stout" than he was sort of used to. He wondered if I could make an apricot wheat. I told him I'd see what I could do.
later on facebook ...
"We had two of your hoptoberfest left - had a beer sampling with folks tonight - your brew came in on top - keep brewing"

Gretchen (11/20/2011)
Gave 10 bottles of Free the Glutens! APA . Hoping that she really likes it.
On my facebook page: "I'm happy to be a friend of the Sheppy Brew house. Free The Glutens APA. Delicious. Thx!"
Later on my facebook page: "I have a way for you to get rich....or just make a good friend happy! Make more of the gluten free beer you made for me! So so good....honestly better than what's out on the market. You could make a killing....or just sell your recipe to New Planet. I can connect you with the owners! In the meantime....will you PLEASE brew me another batch?! I've been savoring it and I'm on my last bottle."

FHS (02/29/2012)
Brought in 26 bottles of Eric's Red Failure to free up storage space.
The very next day, Patrick told me he had some and thought it was pretty good.

Cliff told me that it was REALLY good and wanted to know why I called it "failure". I explained the whole debacle. He thought it was very smooth. A bit light, but very good tasty malt flavor. Good to know that even when I screw up I make good beer.

Woody said he tried some and thought it was pretty good. A little thin, but not bad.

Rich told me thanks for the beer and that he really liked it. He said it reminded him quite a bit of NB's Fat Tire. This makes me want to compare, because I think there is a little something in the malt that does compare.

Several people liked the name.

Crazy Brody (3/13/2012)
Crazy Brody is one of my virtual brewing buddies. Way too long ago, he sent me some Hopslam and a couple of his home-brewed Nancy's Browns. I finally returned the favor with some Bear Republic and my homebrewed:
Think this is pretty well aged now.
Probably does not have as big a hop flavor as it did before. Should still be great though.
UPS sent this box back to me. Not sure why. The tracking said something about damage but I got everything back intact in the same packaging. Weird.

Gretchen (03/18/2012)
Gave 16 12 oz bottles and 1 liter bottle of of Free the Glutens! APA . We'll see if she likes batch 2 as much as she liked batch 1. She has to carb them for a couple of weeks see Bottling FTG on my blog.

Gretchen (10/12/2012)
Six pack of Laser Salt Sandy Blonde Ale before giving her our kids for the GABF weekend.

Gretchen (10/14/2012)
Another Six pack of Laser Salt Sandy Blonde Ale.after picking up the kids from the GABF weekend.

Pastor Chad (04/01/2012)
Gave my pastor 4 bottles of Apricot Wheat. He is the one who got me to try to make this batch.
On my facebook page: "A great apricot! Good work!"

Cliff (04/26/2012)
I was talking about Pompously Illegitimate Red Ale with Cliff and he offered to give me a second opinion. I decided to take him up on it and brought him a bomber.
Cliff and his wife tried the beer side-by-side with AB. Both really liked PIRA better than AB. Cliff actually gushed a bit. They liked how mine was less bitter with more fruity hop flavor than AB. Nice to hear.

Andrea (10/25/2012)
Andrea was nice enough to volunteer to take a few of the Wetta Berry Beers off my hands.
She is a bigger fan of the beer than I am. She volunteered to sample any beer I wanted an opinion on.

Leo (10/25/2012)
He gave me one of his apricot beers, so I brought him in one of my Apricot Lovin' American Wheats.
Seemed to like it. Noted a lack of head, which is something I have noted with the bottles.

Kyle (03/22/2013)
Co-worker who was nice enough to give me a beer from his beer cellar.
Blackhawk Black12/02/201212/16/2012
Asked him to tell me what he would call it.
Sasquatch Hunter 01/01/2013 01/19/2013Nice and rich.
X-Mas Ale 201210/28/201211/24/2012
Seeing what he thinks of peppermint in a beer.
Sour Pumpkin Wit
1/12/2013Blend of Whacko Wife and Rationalité Poison

Leo (03/22/2013)
Co-worker and fellow home-brewer who had given me a beer to try a couple days before.
Blackhawk Black12/02/201212/16/2012
See what he thinks the style should be.
Sasquatch Hunter 01/01/2013 01/19/2013Nice and rich.

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