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Eric's Red Failure

Brewed: 01/15/2012   Kegged: 01/29/2012 FHSBeerLogo.gif

Intending to brew my Eric's Irish Red Ale, things went horribly wrong. I won't go into all the details, because you can read about it on my blog.

Because I had spent a whole brew-day with this disaster, I decided to let it ferment out and see what would happen. It did not turn out that bad. It certainly isn't what you would call a big bold full bodied beer, but not a bad session beer.

I gave away most of this at work. I actually got some nice feedback from it. A couple people even thought it was very good. One of them is somewhat of a craft beer geek and sometimes home-brewer. Good to know that even when I screw up, I make good beer.

RECIPE ... don't really have one. Try to make Eric's Irish Red Ale and screw it up.

OG: 1.040
FG: 1.010
ABV: 3.9%

Brewing Notes:
02/28/2012 esheppy
Packed up 26 of these to bring to work. We'll see what people think of it.
03/01/2012 esheppy
Got some takers. Got some good comments.
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