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Nargles American Porter

Brewed: 06/19/2024   Kegged: 07/09/2024

Sometime after brewing Clan DunBroch Scottish Ale (Batch 356), I decided to do another Roll-a-Style recipe.

When I rolled the online 20 sided die, I got a 20.

According to my most recent list, "20" corresponded to the BJCP Style 20A. American Porter.

"A malty, bitter, and often somewhat hoppy dark beer with a balanced, roasted, and frequently chocolatey character."

I actually used Bing Copilot to "help" me generate a recipe. You can read Roll-a-Style 20 ... 20A. American Porter to get more information on how that recipe progressed.

And then, when I put it into Beer Smith, I decided that I needed more dark malt to get the color I wanted.

I also decided that I'd try doing a sparge on the Anvil Foundry to see if I can get a little higher efficiency on the beer.

The resulting recipe is below. It is pretty close the the AI generated recipe, but not quite.

The name "Nargles" comes from the Harry Potter movies (I don't remember which one introduced it). 

The Nargle was a magical creature that Luna Lovegood and Xenophilius Lovegood believe existed, though many others believed them to be non-existent or to be extinct.

I did ask Bing Copilot to generate pictures of what a Nargle looks like ... This is the one I liked the best:

Brewed Batch 1 on Juneteenth of 2024, and kegged in July.

If you'd like to read more about the beer, see Sheppy's Blog: Nargles.

Nargles Porter --- Batch 1 (358)

Style American Porter Batch Size 5.50 gal
Type All Grain Boil Size   6.60 gal
Brewhouse Efficiency   68.00   Boil Time   60 minutes

Recipe Characteristics

Recipe Gravity 1.061 SG Estimated FG 1.016 SG
Recipe Bitterness 42.6 IBUs (Rager) Alcohol by Volume 6.0 %
BU : GU   0.698        
Recipe Color 30.1 SRM
Measured OG:   1.060    Measured FG:   1.012 
ADF:   79    Measured ABV:   6.4 


Amt Name Type # %/IBU Volume
8.11 gal Denver, Colorado Water 1 - -
5.00 g Calcium Chloride (Mash) Water Agent 2 - -
2.00 g Gypsum (Calcium Sulfate) (Mash) Water Agent 3 - -
1.00 g Chalk (Mash) Water Agent 4 - -
1.00 tsp Lactic Acid (Mash) Water Agent 5 - -
11 lbs Pale Malt (2 Row) US (2.0 SRM) Grain 6 80.0 % 0.86 gal
1 lbs 8.0 oz Munich Malt - 10L (10.0 SRM) Grain 7 10.9 % 0.12 gal
12.0 oz Midnight Wheat Malt (550.0 SRM) Grain 8 5.5 % 0.06 gal
8.0 oz Caramel/Crystal Malt - 60L (60.0 SRM) Grain 9 3.6 % 0.04 gal
1.000 oz Cascade [8.90 %] - Boil 60.0 min Hop 10 35.5 IBUs -
1.000 oz Cascade [8.90 %] - Boil 10.0 min Hop 11 7.1 IBUs -
1.000 oz Centennial [9.80 %] - Boil 0.0 min Hop 12 0.0 IBUs -
1.0 pkg Safale American (DCL/Fermentis #US-05) [50.28 ml] Yeast 13 - -

Mash Profile

Mash Steps
Name Description Step Temperature Step Time
Saccharification Add 24.00 qt of water at 166.4 F 156.0 F 45 min
Heat Heat to 158.0 F over 10 min 158.0 F 15 min
Mash Out Heat to 170.0 F over 7 min 170.0 F 10 min

Batch sparge with 2 steps (Drain mash tun , 2.75gal) of 168.0 F water

Recipe Notes
Combine brewing salts in the mash and sparge water. This should bring Denver water profile (as defined by BeerSmith) to
Lactic acid addition brings estimated pH from 5.4
Boil wort adding ingredients as specified.
Cool to as close to 60 degrees as possible to pitch.
Ferment under 65 for a couple of days, then let heat up to about 70.
Total fermenation time 2 weeks.
Keg and force carbonate. Drink when ready

Brewing Record

Brew Date:   Strike Temp:  
Mash Temps:  
Pre-boil OG   (1.056 SG)   Pre-boil Vol   (6.60 gal)
Actual Mash Efficiency   Pitch Temp    
Day 1: 
Day ... 
Day ... 

Brewing Notes:
06/17/2024 esheppy
Bought ingredients at Tom's today. Jose seemed to think it would be more of the color of a brown ale, so I'm wondering if it will actually turn out as black as I thought. But, I guess we'll see.
06/19/2024 esheppy
Juneteenth brew day. Got started around 5:45AM. At first I was thinking that the LHBS hadn't given me the whole 12oz of Midnight Wheat, but after mashing awhile it got where I thought it should be. The sparge didn't really give me the efficiency boost that I thought it would, but I'm not sure it actually calculated right. I had to add .5lbs DME and boil and extra 15 minutes, but the OG was 1.060, which is right on plan. Just racked over the yeast cake of Summer Lovin. It will be interesting to see if I detect any coriander flavor. Am pretty much cleaned up a little before 10am.
06/20/2024 esheppy
Racking on the yeast cake made the beer rock by early afternoon. Still going strong today. Tilt says 1.023 at 73 degrees.
06/21/2024 esheppy
Fermentation seems to be done. No bubbling. Krausen is almost completely gone. Starting to look a little more clear (and black). I will let this go at least a couple more days, but I really might keg it early.
06/23/2024 esheppy
Not much change. Maybe a little clearer. Krausen completely gone. Tilt reading the same.
07/08/2024 esheppy
I would have kegged by now, but I've been out of town. Then I got lazy over the weekend. Anyway, Tilt now says 1.010 at 69. Hopefully kegging soon.
07/09/2024 esheppy
Finally kegged. FG is at 1.012, which makes this a 6.4% ABV beer. Nice subtle coffee flavor. A bit of coffee. Not sure I taste the American hops, but there is a firm bitterness. I feel like I'm going to love this beer.
07/11/2024 esheppy
Actually poured some from the keg. Certain needs more carbonation, but I'm pleasantly surprised how awesome this already is. I do actually detect more of the Cascade / Centennial than I thought I did at kegging time. I'm really liking this beer.
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