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Brian Phelps Pale Ale

Brewed: 08/28/2022   Kegged: 09/04/2022 BPPA.jpg

If you follow along on my blog, you know that I do a lot of cycling

This (2022) is the 7th year that I'm doing the Great Cycle Challenge, on which the past few years, I've pledged to ride 1000 miles in September (before covid ... it was June).

As a result of "training" for this event every year, I've gotten to a point where I'm cycling over 5000 miles a year.

Which, is a lot of cycling.

Being a part of the Great Cycle Challenge, there are some people that I interact with on facebook and on strava who are also a part of the challenge.

At some point, I got into a friendly "competition" with a guy from Michigan named Brian Phelps.

It isn't much of a competition, he kicks my butt. My strava goal is to hit 5000 miles. His this year is 7000 miles (and I have no doubt he'll hit it) 

I cycle pretty much all year, so early in the year, with Michigan weather being less than ideal, I have lots more miles than he does. He'll leave comments on my rides about having to catch me.

He catches me, though. This year he passed me in mid-July, and I have been chasing him ever since.

The really amazing thing about Brian Phelps is that he's 18 years older than me. He is cycling 7000 miles in the year that he turned 70 years old.

He's super human! I decided to make a beer named after him. This is it!

For more information on this beer and/or Brian, see Sheppy's Blog: Brian Phelps

Brian Phelps Pale Ale --- Batch 1 (318)

Style American Pale Ale Batch Size 5.50 gal
Type All Grain Boil Size   6.60 gal
Brewhouse Efficiency   65.00   Boil Time   60 minutes

Recipe Characteristics

Recipe Gravity 1.055 SG Estimated FG 1.012 SG
Recipe Bitterness 49.2 IBUs (Rager) Alcohol by Volume 5.7 %
BU : GU   0.898        
Recipe Color 6.1 SRM
Measured OG:   1.055    Measured FG:   1.011 
ADF:   79.3    Measured ABV:   5.8


Amt Name Type # %/IBU Volume
8.02 gal Denver, Colorado Water 1 - -
12.00 g Gypsum (Calcium Sulfate) (Mash) Water Agent 2 - -
3.00 g Epsom Salt (MgSO4) (Mash) Water Agent 3 - -
2.00 g Calcium Chloride (Mash) Water Agent 4 - -
1.00 tsp Lactic Acid (Mash) Water Agent 5 - -
10 lbs Base Malt 2 Row (Proximity) (2.0 SRM) Grain 6 80.0 % 0.78 gal
2 lbs Vienna (Proximity) (3.5 SRM) Grain 7 16.0 % 0.16 gal
8.0 oz Caramel/Crystal Malt - 40L (40.0 SRM) Grain 8 4.0 % 0.04 gal
1.000 oz Galena [10.30 %] - Boil 40.0 min Hop 9 32.1 IBUs -
1.00 Items Whirlfloc Tablet (Boil 15.0 mins) Fining 10 - -
1.000 oz Citra [13.20 %] - Boil 5.0 min Hop 11 9.0 IBUs -
1.000 oz Talus (HBC 692) [6.20 %] - Boil 5.0 min Hop 12 4.2 IBUs -
0.500 oz Mosaic (HBC 369) [11.00 %] - Boil 5.0 min Hop 13 3.8 IBUs -
1.0 pkg Safale American (DCL/Fermentis #US-05) [50.28 ml] Yeast 14 - -
0.50 tsp Gelatin (Bottling 5.0 hours) Fining 15 - -
1.000 oz Citra [12.00 %] - 0.0 Days Before Bottling for 0.0 Days Hop 16 0.0 IBUs -
1.000 oz Talus (HBC 692) [6.20 %] - 0.0 Days Before Bottling for 0.0 Days Hop 17 0.0 IBUs -

Mash Profile

Mash Steps
Name Description Step Temperature Step Time
Saccharification Add 32.06 qt of water at 159.0 F 152.0 F 45 min
Heat Heat to 158.0 F over 10 min 158.0 F 15 min
Mash Out Heat to 170.0 F over 7 min 170.0 F 10 min

If steeping, remove grains, and prepare to boil wort

Recipe Notes
Brewing salts in the mash water. This should bring Denver water profile (as defined by BeerSmith) to
Acid addition based on BeerSmith predicted pH. Should lower to 5.4.
Mash and boil as directed
Chill to as close to 60 degrees as possible. Ferment a couple days in the low 60's and then let the fermentation rise to ambient temperature.
Keg. Add geletin after a day or two in the refridgerator.
Carbonate and drink.

Brewing Record

Brew Date:   Strike Temp:  
Mash Temps:  
Pre-boil OG   (1.050 SG)   Pre-boil Vol   (6.60 gal)
Actual Mash Efficiency   Pitch Temp    
Day 1: 
Day ... 
Day ... 

Brewing Notes:
08/28/2022 esheppy
Got ingredients from Tom's Thursday. Brew day today went well. Had to boil an extra 20 minutes to get to Pre-boil. OG right on plan. Up at 4am. Started mash at 4:15. Pitched right at 9am.
08/29/2022 esheppy
Fermentation slow to start. Tilt says 1.053 at 62 degrees.
08/30/2022 esheppy
Tilt says 1.044 at 64 degrees. Bubbling away. Turning up set temp to 65.
08/31/2022 esheppy
Tilt says 1.028 at 66 degrees. Earlier, I set the controller to 66. Will probably turn off temp control by end of day.
09/04/2022 esheppy
Tilt said 1.011 at 70 degrees. Poured a sample that looked fairly clear. Had some time and empty kegs so I decided to keg today. 1.011 FG. Nice hoppy flavor. Added in the dry hops right into the keg. ABV at 5.8%.
09/10/2022 esheppy
Been drinking, but carbonation just now getting where it needs to be. Nice tropical and citrus hop flavors and aroma. Starting to look less hazy.
10/14/2022 esheppy
Still nice and hoppy. Very clear now. Don't think it will last much longer.
10/17/2022 esheppy
Killed the keg tonight. This makes room in the beer fridge for Mr. Awesome. Great hoppy pale ale from start to finish.
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