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Bob Dog ESB

Brewed: 05/21/2017   Kegged: 06/08/2017

My newest Local Homebrew Shop does a promotion every month with a local brewery. Each month they put together a 5 gallon clone kit of one of the brewery's recipes and sell it. A portion of the proceeds go to a local charity.

In May of 2017, I discovered this fact on facebook. I wanted to brew that weekend, but had not decided what to brew. I thought I might as well try out what the LHBS was selling. 

The kit this particular month was for a clone of Placer ESB from The Brew on Broadway aka "The B.O.B." and the charity was MaxFund Animal Adoption Center. You may remember I blogged about "The B.O.B." shortly after they opened (see BOB .... Brew on Broadway)

Of course, I've never met a recipe I wouldn't tweak and this one was no exception. 

I added in more hops for bitterness and moved the EKG's later into the boil to get more hop flavor out of those. I even moved some of them to dry-hop in the keg.


For more information about this beer, check out Sheppy's Blog: Bob Dog.

Bob Dog ESB --- Batch 1

Style Strong Bitter Batch Size 5.50 gal
Type All Grain Boil Size   7.77 gal
Brewhouse Efficiency   75.00   Boil Time   90 minutes

Recipe Characteristics

Recipe Gravity 1.063 SG Estimated FG 1.020 SG
Recipe Bitterness 43.8 IBUs (Rager) Alcohol by Volume 5.7 %
BU : GU   0.690        
Recipe Color 9.1 SRM
Measured OG:   1.062    Measured FG:   1.018 
ADF:   71    Measured ABV:   5.8 


Amt Name Type # %/IBU
15.00 g Gypsum (Calcium Sulfate) (Mash 60.0 mins) Water Agent 1 -
9 lbs Pale Malt, Maris Otter (3.0 SRM) Grain 2 72.7 %
2 lbs Pale Ale (Crisp) (4.0 SRM) Grain 3 16.2 %
14.0 oz Caramel/Crystal Malt - 60L (60.0 SRM) Grain 4 7.1 %
8.0 oz Wheat, Torrified (1.7 SRM) Grain 5 4.0 %
0.500 oz Columbus (Tomahawk) [14.20 %] - Boil 60.0 min Hop 6 27.6 IBUs
1.00 Items Whirlfloc Tablet (Boil 15.0 mins) Fining 7 -
1.000 oz East Kent Goldings (EKG) [4.80 %] - Boil 15.0 min Hop 8 5.0 IBUs
1.000 oz Fuggles [4.90 %] - Boil 15.0 min Hop 9 5.1 IBUs
2.000 oz East Kent Goldings (EKG) [4.80 %] - Boil 5.0 min Hop 10 6.2 IBUs
1.0 pkg English Ale (White Labs #WLP002) [35.49 ml] Yeast 11 -
1.00 tsp Yeast Nutrient (Primary 3.0 days) Other 12 -
1.000 oz East Kent Goldings (EKG) [4.80 %] - Dry Hop 0.0 Days Hop 13 0.0 IBUs

Mash Profile

Mash Steps
Name Description Step Temperature Step Time
Mash In Add 15.47 qt of water at 163.7 F 152.0 F 60 min

Batch sparge with 2 steps (1.50gal, 3.88gal) of 168.0 F water

Recipe Notes
Started out as a kit for Placer ESB from BOB, but decided to modify the hop schedule quite a bit after seeing the bitterness.
Gypsum should give the water profile:
Ca=134; Mg=8; Na=21; SO4=296; Cl=23; HCO3=200
Based on Beer Smith's Denver Water starting profile.
Mash and boil as instructed.
Chill as close to 60 as possible and pitch yeast. Let ferment for 2 weeks.
Keg and carbonate.

Brewing Record

Brew Date:   Strike Temp:  
Mash Temps:  
Pre-boil OG   (1.051 SG)   Pre-boil Vol   (7.77 gal)
Actual Mash Efficiency   Pitch Temp    
Day 1: 
Day ... 
Day ... 

Brewing Notes:
05/22/2017 esheppy
Brewed yesterday. I think the LHBS gave me more base grain than I was expecting because my pre-boil gravity was high enough that I cut my boil to 60 minutes and the og was still right on. Fermenting away today.
05/31/2017 esheppy
Fermented without issue. Think I'll keg with the dry-hop as soon as a keg frees up.
06/08/2017 esheppy
Kegged today with 1 oz EKG dry hop. Crystal clear. Nice color. Has a bit of "nut brown" in the flavor. FG was pretty high at 1.018, but it didn't taste under-attenuated. Has a dryish finish. Tasty. Looking forward to the fished beer.
06/11/2017 esheppy
First taste. Nice malt and hop balance. Tastes drier than the 1.018 FG. Tasty beer. 5.8 abv. Yummy. Probably shouldn't treat it like a session beer.
06/23/2017 esheppy
Good beer. Nice carbonation / head retention. Very clear. I enjoy this beer.
07/29/2017 esheppy
Shared with Beer Model's family. Not their favorite, but it is still tasty.
08/06/2017 esheppy
Great clarity. Trying to drink this up so I can get a keg.
08/11/2017 esheppy
Keg blew tonight. That's ok. It means I can keg T.Ra.Sh.
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