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Brewing Notes:
03/13/2010 Happy St. Pat's Weekend Sheppy
As I type this into my phone, I am drinking one of these. It is a beautiful black colored beer with a thick rich tan head. It has a decent mouth feel ... not too heavy and not too light. It really tastes like a peppermint patty or thin mint. Today I am in the mood for this beer. It really seems balanced perfectly right now. It probably wont last the month.
03/18/2010 Perfect amont of Peppermint Sheppy
Boy, I planned this perfectly for St. Patrick's Day. The mint was exactly what I would consider perfect for a beer that contains peppermint. And the Mr. Beer stout was a perfect compliment to the minty flavor. Great beer.
04/03/2010 esheppy
Finished off the last of this last night. Will absolutely have to brew this again some day. Might be a good thing to have around for Christmas.
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