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Random Internet Recipe's:

I would like to try the following recipes someday.  Putting them here so I can easily find them.

  • 1554 Clone
    rniles from the Mr. Beer forum posted this.  I think I might try it sometime.  It is all-grain, so I may just use the specialty grains and hops (and spices) part of the recipe.  We'll see.
  • Killians Irish Red Clone:
    Came across this on the internet and thought I would mark it for later.
  • Moose Drool Clone:
    From D-Rock on the Mr. Beer Forums.
  • D Train Brewery Maple Nut Brown Ale
    Not sure if I want to try another Maple, but just in case I am putting the link in here.  Another one from D-Rock on the Mr. Beer Forums.  I have to say this guy is my hero.
  • Big Dave's Sam Adams Clone
    He did this "all grain", which I am not ready for, but he also gives an extract suggestion. 
  • HHB's Dark Hefeweizen
    Mr. Beer ingredients with some steeping grains plus some DME.  Looks interesting to me.
  • Mai Tyre (Fat Tire Clone)
    Another D-Rock recipe.  Partial Mash with pretty good instructions.  Looks somewhat similar to the one from my LHBS, but is sized for a Mr. Beer size keg.  Probably try this one first.
  • BeerSmith Recipes
    Sample recipes from BeerSmith.


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